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Sleep & Quick Relax SET
Quick Relax Power Nap
Sleep Now
  Deep Hypnotic Conditioning
Dynamic Public Speaking
Super Success
  Fat Free
Love To Exercise
Tobacco Free

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Stressed out? Can't fall asleep or stay asleep? Find yourself getting cranky or sleepy in the middle of the day? My "Quick Relax" program is a great refresher and mood adjuster! Use it during the day and fall asleep with "Sleep Now" at bedtime.
Lady Hypnotist News & Announcements

New, Lower Prices on Instant-Download MP3s
June 26, 2012 - Lady Hypnotist's guided hypnosis programs are now even more affordable! For only $14.95 (less for sets), you can enjoy a professional hypnotic program like "Super Success" or "Sleep Now" over and over again, in the comfort and privacy of your own home! Check them out here...

Lady Hypnotist Has Relocated
March 1, 2012 - Lady Hyp has a new business HQ, in Las Vegas, NV, and her home is now in Albuquerque, NM, The Land of Enchantment. She will continue to perform for private bookings (groups of 100 or more, only) throughout New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and California (and beyond, when scheduling permits). However, because of her current film and stage show commitments, she cannot consider booking requests more than 2 months in advance. Thanks.

Lady Hypnotist and crew of SexTreme Makeover Lady Hypnotist Appearing on Playboy TV
Hypnotic Expert, Lady Hypnotist, to appear on an upcoming segment of Playboy TV's new *adult* show for couples, 'SexTreme Makeovers'. The segment was taped in April, 2011 and should air in August, 2011. (We will not have clips or stills from the show until after it airs, sorry!)

Lady Hyp was called on as the show's hypnotic "sexpert" to hypnotize a couple and trance-form their sex lives from uninspired to five-alarm fire! She had a great time taping the show and you will be amazed when you see it! Look for 'SexTreme Makeovers' on Playboy TV in August.

Welcome to LadyHypnotist.com
Welcome. I'm Lady Hypnotist, Christine Michele. I'm a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Nationally Performing Stage Hypnotist who has been hypnotizing people professionally for more than 14 years. I have hypnotized, literally, thousands of people, in many situations and for a wide variety of topics. Since not everyone can come to one of my shows or experience a private (or phone) session with me, I've created a line of high-quality, hypnotic recordings that can be used whenever you wish, right in the privacy of your own home. You can purchase my programs on cd and have them shipped to you, or on mp3 for immediate download. Every program is easy to order and easy to download and use. The download link is sent INSTANTLY via email—upon completion of your transaction—so you can use your new mp3 right away. You'll find all of my hypnosis programs available to order here, as well as a help section that includes more info on hypnosis and mp3 files. With just a few clicks and a little download time, you'll have your program and be able to slip into blissful, deep relaxation whenever you wish!
Lady Hypnotist, Christine Michele:
  • Is A Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Is A Nationally Performing Stage Hypnotist

  • Has Been Hypnotizing People
  Professionally for more than 14 years!

Lady Hypnotist's Hypnosis Articles

About Hypnosis: What Is It and Why Use It?
Misconceptions abound regarding hypnosis: is it magic? is it brainwashing? is it real? is it dangerous? It is my intention with this short article to provide a clear, simple explanation of what hypnosis is and why it could be beneficial for you to use it regularly... [Read the complete article on the Articles Page.]

Getting The Most Out Of Your Hypnosis Audio Sessions
Purchasing one of my hypnosis recordings is only the first step in the process—you've got to actually use the program in order to obtain any measurable benefits from it. The following tips and suggestions will help you get the most out of your hypnosis audio sessions... [Read the complete article on the Articles Page.]

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What Listeners Are Saying

"Sleep Now!" New Version:
» "I am a night shift worker often working 12 hour shifts, but yet frequently I find it difficult to sleep. Well let me tell you, that purchase (of 'Sleep Now') for only $20 has already made itself useful and will be for much time to come...If only I could have found this years ago. Lady Hypnotist, you have an outstanding voice and style, and your work is beyond impressive..."
» "Listened to 'Sleep Now!' last night and it is so different from the previous version. Longer, a very gentle induction, wonderful, soothing captivating music in the background. Best of all is your soothing, calm, guiding voice leading one into a very relaxed and sleepy state. By the time the countdown was reached I was ready to float off to sleep. This is a very powerful hypnotic aid to sleep..."

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» Quick Relax

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» NEW Version:
Super Success

LH Site News

» Lady Hypnotist to appear in an upcoming segment of Playboy TV's new show: 'SexTreme Makeovers'! Details coming soon!

» CDs are temporarily unavailable while we update our cd delivery system. We'll be offering them again soon, via a third party website. Until then, enjoy instant delivery of your program in mp3 format!

» New video clip of The Lady Hypnotist Show now up! See it on my show site: HERE.

» Want to drop some weight this year? Read my new article, "Don't Lose Weight, Drop It!" on the Articles Page.

Last Update: February 11, 2013

LH Hypnosis Tips

Your trance sessions will be more effective if you first condition your mind with my "Deep Hypnotic Conditioning" mp3. Use it daily for at least 10-14 days before progressing to another program.

Get more hypnosis tips on the "Articles" page...